The Donors - "Dividing Line"

Roy Fishjack
Roy Fishjack

The Donors - "Dividing Line"


"A happy Christmas evening to you all! You may have thought all the gifts were given out, but The Donors have one more for you. Follow the link to stream or purchase our new song Dividing Line, which will be on our upcoming album. This song is a little different style for us, and we hope you enjoy! A big thanks to Alex Hodges and Cristina Peck for playing on the track with us, and of course to Manning Burns for playing on and producing it. Take care and treat each other right in 2017."

- todd ollis


Song Credits

Jeremy Ollis - Drums, percussion

Matt Kerce - Bass, vocals

Todd Ollis - Guitars, vocals, percussion

Manning Burns -  Electric piano, percussion

Cristina Peck - Vocals

Alex Hodges - Trumpet

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artwork by: Roy Fishjack