Festival Recaps/Fear not, new shit has and will continue to hit the fan!

Hey! It's been a while since we last met... Here's a brief summer festival recap:  

Finster Fest - tasted like a hot, little sunburnt slice of folk art heaven

Mohler Fest - feel-good, lil lightheaded, housefire relief for a booze mountaineer

Bowie Fest - 10 min instant tadpole juice, neighbors rang up the cops, feedback, tall boy got warm way too soon

SWEAT FEST - sloppy, drizzly start-stop sloptastic uplift party

Farm Fest - enchanting, dancing in the rain while eating a bbq sandwich with all your friends under a little tent kinda party

Lester Fest - forget about that gravel in yo shoe,  violins sounded pretty wet, jaguar blues

Beer Fest - good morning bojangles, beer is good, no pay and a 4oz line,  The Donors covered Pavement


I would like to give a sincere shout out to all of my Stereotrash family for not giving up and the lovely people (you know who you are) who voluntarily keep showing up and supporting this strange little local music scene happening in Rome, GA. Without you, there would be none of this to speak of.


Fear not, new shit has and will continue to hit the fan!

Tom Bavis and Julia Barnes' record, Without Further Ado, was released earlier this year featuring many local musicians including The Barbaric Yawps. The Yawps also happened to record a demo this year in the stereotrash studio. Three songs recorded in the studio made it onto David Bell's superb new record, Refreshingly Unattractive. The Briars recorded and released a rather prickly self-titled EP this year. We recently celebrated a record release party for Muletide Perkins Trio's, Snakes Alive. Justin Croft and his good pals in Andalusia from Nashville, TN, recorded and released, So. Nash Rain EP. Cornbread Man stopped by and paid the studio a visit. John Schroeder released an album of Native American flute music, mastered and printed up right here in house. Tina & The Goose recorded and released a new song, "Irma", on the Stereotrash Summer Sampler. I'd highly recommend you check out all of these previously mentioned albums and continue to support your local music scene. Be on the lookout for new material brewing up in the studio by The Donors, Tina & The Goose, and Muletide Perkins Quartet to name a few...


Thank you for your attention,




Recent 2016 Releases:

David Bell, Refreshingly Unattractive



Muletide Perkins Trio, Snakes Alive



Andalusia!, So. Nash Rain EP



physical release only:

The Briars, The Briars EP

Stereotrash Records, Summer Sampler Compilation 2016